Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The firemen and the kitten

It was a bright, sunny day with heat like nevery before. The brave firemen entered the dark, smokey house and searched for sighs of life.

As they searched, they quickly checked all the rooms. Suddenly they notice a tabbed, baby kitten lying still on the ground. His heart sank with sadness, he couldn't leave the kitten. So he gently lifted up the kitten in his hands and he took the it outside. 

He walked to the humungous red fire truck and got out breathing mask.He carried  the breathing mask in one hand and the scared kitten in the other. He places the kitten on the road, he carefully put the mask on the kitten trying not to hurt it. Suddenly the the kitten eyes open up, the fireman placed water over the kitten. He pulled the kitten into his arms to give it a cuddle.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Straight after Max drank form it, he kicked a ball across the new playgrounds.

My goal in writing is to in provemy  my spalling   so I know the words and I don,t have to go back and cheek it.
My goal is to add more derided word.   

Happy I am happy, when I have achieved my school work.I am happy because i love what a round me and in my job it  i will be happy  to cstimis

Out going I love adventure,  and I like spots like netball, and swimming. it would be good if the job is spotey becues i love doing spots 

Creative I am creative because  I have great ideas, my creativeness  comes in handy in meetings .and i have drinte ideas then most pepall

Friendly I am friendly when I meet strangers, like when I went to Hawaii  I meet lots of friends by the pool. being friendly is good and I am friendly to strangers 

Sociable I love being sociable with my friends and family, and I work hard. and i will talk to pepai do not no